19 Health And Fitness Tips

1. Get a good breakfast. Breakfast sets the tone for your day and provides fuel that will allow you to make better food choices throughout the day.

2. Get moving. Get moving, wherever and whenever possible. Instead of sending an email, walk to the desk of a coworker. Walk around the block. It doesn’t matter if you take long, strenuous walks. However, it is worth adding a few extra steps to your daily routine.

3. You can make a friend to workout with. Check out our group exercise or small group training options if your friends have different workout schedules.

4. It’s easier to get a good night’s rest. You can improve your sleep environment by blocking out noises, making your room cool and darkening your bedroom.

5. Play with your pet. You can reduce stress by playing with your pet. This will help you achieve your fitness goals. Playtime with your pet can be a great way of achieving your MEPs.

6. Spend time with positive people. To absorb positive energy, make plans to meet with your support network this week.

7. You can review your MYZONE app/emails to keep yourself motivated. It will also help you see where you are at the moment and help you stay focused on your goals.

8. Slowly make food changes. You don’t have to do it all at once. You don’t have to make drastic changes at once. Instead, you can make small changes every week or month. Allow your body to adjust between the changes by trying a new food or changing the ratios.

9. Eight eight-ounce cups of water per day are a good guideline. However, it is possible to drink more depending on how active you are. Keep hydrated with all the MYZONE exercises you’ll be doing.

10. Positive thoughts will help you start your day. What are you looking forward? What are some of the exciting or fun things that could happen today? While we don’t want to make you forget the negative and worrying things in your life, it is important to remind yourself of what can or does bring you joy or calm. We offer meditation classes at Steenberg Family Complex as a part of our group exercise program. Come join us Fridays at 7am.

11. You can swap the elevator for the stairs. It’s great exercise! Your conditioning can be improved by adding more flights to your daily routine.

12. Meal prep & cook ahead. Sometimes, there is no better choice. This is why many people resort to eating at fast food and vending machines. A weekly plan can help you organize your time and make sure that you have enough to cook your meals while also managing your daily responsibilities. You can start the week with all your meals prepared by setting aside a few hours for cooking a few meals at once.

13. Do a quick workout before you take your shower. You can do some weight exercises if you take a little longer before you get in the shower. You can also do them after you have finished your dinner dishes or before you go to bed. You can choose a time in your day to do a few exercises. You can do squats, push-ups or sit-ups in any room, and you can also do lunges, planks, push ups, sit-ups, sit downs, or push-ups.

14. You should go to bed at the exact same time each night. Everybody’s schedule is different, but training your body so that you go to sleep at the same time every night can help you fall asleep faster and stop those nights of tossing around.

15. Do short, intense workouts. You can squeeze in high-intensity interval therapy (HIIT) training. This type of workout alternates short periods with maximum effort and shorter recovery periods. Jump rope, treadmill sprinting, circuit training, and many other activities are all possible. As part of the group exercise program, The J offers HIIT classes.

16. Don’t go shopping with a hungry stomach. You’ll be more likely to buy more food than necessary and allow unhealthy foods to return to your home if you are hungry.

17. You can’t do anything but sleep and sex. Conditioning your body can make your night’s rest more comfortable. Reduce your TV and other devices before you go to bed.

18. Eat out less often. You can save money and calories. You can control what goes into your food, and how much you eat. Consider substituting your sides with steamed vegetables if you go out for dinner.

19. This tip is something you’ve heard from your trainers. You are more likely to be injured and less likely to gain strength, which will make you look ridiculous on the gym’s fitness floor. Double-check your form before you start a new exercise. Remember, your trainers can help you! Ask at the fitness desk.


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