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Enhanced Male Review

5g male is one of the best products in the market with a potent male enhancement formula. This supplement works to enhance both the production of testosterone and muscle mass gain. Testosterone not only increasing male virility but also plays a major role in various body functions like regeneration of cells and muscle growth to name some. The ingredients in this product work synergistically to give you the best results. It not only promotes muscle growth but also has ingredients that improve your stamina and endurance. With increased stamina and endurance you can easily workout harder and perform more reps. The supplement also helps to enhance virility and sexual health. The product promotes and enhances your vigor as well as your sexual strength. As the product increases your potential to perform rigorous workout sessions you can easily build a ripped and lean physique. It also improves blood circulation so damaged cells are nourished easily with the nutrients they need for healing.


  • Boosts the levels of testosterone in the body
  • Enhances the rate of muscle growth
  • Improves your level of energy
  • Pushes your potential to improve athletic performance
  • Enhances your stamina
  • Improvement of endurance
  • Improved sexual confidence
  • Supports the buildup of a ripped physique
  • Improved blood circulation in the body
  • Boosts male virility
  • Promotes a faster recovery time


5g male has an effective formula that is full of potent ingredients. These ingredients are completely safe and natural. The ingredients are:


  • Vitamin D


  • Vitamin C


  • Rhodiola rosea root extracts


  • Gingko biloba leaf extract


  • Decaf Green Tea leaf extract


  • Ginger Root Extract


  • Dried Fresh garlic


  • American Ginseng Root extract



5g male has ingredients that stimulate production of testosterone and NO which causes blood vessels to dilate and increase the blood flow through the blood vessels. This enhances supply of oxygen and blood to muscles during work out sessions. Due to this accelerated supply the muscles do not get fatigued and you can pump out harder reps. You also get to work out for longer periods of time. All of this steadily produces a positive impact on your stamina and endurance. Apart from this the ingredients in the supplement also nourish the damaged cells and tissues. This produces a positive effect on recovery time. The supplement also improves your sexual stamina and desire.



This product comes in the form of capsules that can be taken orally with water. You need to take 2 capsules per day. Take one capsule in the morning 45 minutes before you head out for the gym and another one before going to bed at night. Continued use along with proper diet and great workout routines will help you to get optimum results.



Many male enhancement products are available in the market but most have harmful side-effects. 5g male has some of the best quality clinically proven ingredients that are natural and effective. So you do not have to worry about the various harmful side-effects that some pills may cause, making 5g male completely safe and beneficial for use.



This product can be purchased online from their website. All you need to get your very own subscription is fill out your shipping details that are required. Choose the subscription that best suits your need and start enjoying your life. They are so confident of their product that they also offer a risk free trial bottle. Once you see how great this product is you can go ahead and buy your full supply. Wait no more! Get your dietary supplement for enhanced sexual stamina immediately.

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