Best Natural Remedies For Anxiety

In the modern fast paced world anxiety is a very common problem every other person is facing. We are surrounded with problems both at the work place and in our homes that together cause us to face anxiety that can sometimes become really dangerous for our health. Though small levels of anxiety actually have some plus points and are good for a person, it is when the level gets too high that the problem needs to be dealt with properly. Often people resort to the typical solution of popping pills into their mouths each time they have a panic attack or feel their anxiety level is spiking high. However if you start taking pills for each time you feel panicked you are going to end up with far worse health issues. This is because these medicines and drugs have a lot of negative side effects that may not be evident in the short run but in the long run they can prove to be very hazardous.

Natural Remedies For Anxiety 

One of the best solutions is to use natural remedies  This ensures that you do not have to face any bad side effects. There are many natural ingredients that can help you soothe your anxiousness and deal with your panic attacks in a soft and mild way. Some of the most popular remedies are:

  • Passion flower

This herb has been used for centuries for treating insomnia and anxiety. Many studies have been conducted to measure the effects of the passion flower on anxiety and the results have been nothing but great. It has been proven that this not only helps in calming yourself but considerable improves your work performance as well. It will help you feel less drowsy but may have a few side effects on people who are not used to its fragrance.

  • Body work

The use of body work to soothe the nerves has also been used for centuries. This includes methods like massages and shiatsu that help relax the muscles, relieve the body of stress and anxiety and helps you to sleep more peacefully.  Other body techniques include exercises, yoga, meditation, self – hypnosis techniques and tai chi along with bio feedback techniques that work wonders to reduce stress levels and anxiety.

  • Valerian

Valerian is also a herb like the passion flower and is most popularly used for the treatment of insomnia. However it is known to work on patients that are suffering from mild levels of anxiety too. The best use of this herb is an hour before you go to bed. The effects and result of the use of Valerian is not immediate. It takes two or three weeks before you can begin to see the positive effects of it on your anxiety. People also add this herb in their tea on a daily basis to keep their anxiety levels in check.

Along with these there are plenty of other natural remedies of dealing with stress and anxiousness. Instead of taking medicines you should treat your anxiety with these natural solutions for a healthier treatment.

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