Best Strength Training Workout Routines

Strength is considered the foundation of fitness. Strength training workouts are essential to build strength and muscle. Many people are lost in the hype created by mainstream media that strength building workouts should be done in sophisticated gyms with expensive equipment. The truth is that the best strength workouts don’t require a gym or expensive machines at all. In fact, some of these workouts are so simple that you may be surprised by their simplicity. This article highlights some of the best strength workouts that can be done without expensive machines and sophisticated gyms.

Strength Training Exercises


You may be surprised to hear that push-ups are some of the most effective strength workouts out there. Any person in good shape should be able to perform at least 30-pushups without breaking a sweat. Anyone who had not tried this exercise should try it at least now and experience how demanding the workout is. Your chest, shoulders, biceps, abdominal muscle, forearms and even your legs are worked out to a certain extent with this simple exercise. If you are unable to perform push-ups, start by performing “ladies push-ups” where you are able to support the body weight on your knees. All in all, push-ups are some of the best strength building workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime without sophisticated gyms or expensive machines.

Plank Hold

Plank hold is a great strength workout that targets your core muscles such as the lower back and abdominal muscles. To perform this workout, first assume a pushup position. Your body weight is supported by the forearms, and the body is parallel to the ground. Hold this position while you breathe properly. Be still as much as you can. Within a few seconds of time, you may feel a pain in the area of your core muscles. Performing this workout on a regular basis can strengthen your core muscles like no other workout could.


Pull-ups are the next strength building workout that you can perform without expensive equipment. You only require a pull-up bar, which can be purchased at any sports shop in your town. The pull-up bar can easily be installed in between doorways in your home. A person will require a strong upper body to perform this workout successfully. The upper body will do all the work while you are lifting yourself up. Therefore, it has to be strong if you are to become successful in this strength building workout.

Do not swing the body back and forth while performing this workout. Regular pull-ups will strengthen your upper body like no other exercise. It helps improve your overall strength in leaps and bounds. Many people think that strength building workouts should be done in sophisticated gyms with expensive machines. But this is not true at all. There are so many effective strength building workouts that do not require a sophisticated gym setup or expensive workout equipment. These workouts are some of the most effective strength training workouts that can be done anywhere, at anytime.

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