Body-weight Exercises You Can Do Right Now

Body-weight exercises are great for keeping you on track, whether you’re on vacation or working out at home. These are our top five favourite exercises to get your entire body moving.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of these exercises. These exercises will strengthen the targeted muscles and increase your heart rate and core strength. This makes it easier to live a more fulfilling life. Each exercise should be repeated 10 times with little rest between. Repeat the circuit 2 to 3 times.


Start with your feet under your hips. Keep your core engaged in supporting the low back. To perform a narrow squat, bend your knees and move your hips back.

Keep your squat in a narrow position. Now, you can move into a wider squat. Keep the narrow squat position. Stand tall and contract your abdominal muscles while bringing your knee to your hips. Keep your hips flat. Reverse the process and return to the original position.

Lunge with Rotation

Start with your feet under your hips and your core supporting the low back. Extend your right leg forward to sink into a lunge and bring your right knee to the ground. To rotate, hinge at your hips as you lower. Reach the left hand towards the instep of the front foot with the right arm toward the sky. During the rotation, keep your weight on your front foot’s heel and spine straight.

Reverse the exercise and return to the original position. When you feel comfortable with the exercise, fluidly connect your lunge and the rotation.

Extension With Hip Flexion

Standing tall, with your best posture, slowly swivel one leg forward and keep the hips at the level. Cross your legs across the centre, and then extend one leg backwards. Keep your hips level. Lifting your chest towards the floor, lift your back foot or touch the ground lightly (like a kickstand). The goal is to lower your hips as low as possible and to feel the hamstrings contract. Place your foot on the ground and return to an upright position.

Double Push up to Downward-facing Dog

Begin in a plank position, with your knees bent or your toes flat on the ground. To strengthen your core, lift your belly off the ground. Extend your arms wide and bend your elbows to perform a wide pushup. To finish the pushup, raise your arms and bring your hands under your shoulders. Perform a narrow pushup. Lift your tailbone to the sky, and press your chest towards your thighs. Then, move downward-facing dog and gently press your heels into the ground. Reverse the motion and return to the original position.

Table Top with Lift-and-Reach

Start by laying down on your back, knees bent and feet hip distance apart. Your fingertips should be facing your heels or slightly out. Press through your heels, and lift your hips towards the ceiling. With your knees over your heels and your shoulders over your hands, lift your right leg while simultaneously reaching toward your foot with your opposite hand. You can return to the original position or alternate sides.

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