Home Remedies For Heartburn And Acid Reflux

Best Foods To Eat For Avoiding Acid Indigestion.

Your stomach has different ways of dealing with specific food types. Some foods are digested quickly and move through your system fast whereas others can take up to a day or two before they’re properly digested. The longer your stomach takes to digest something, the more stomach acid it produces. People who suffer from chronic acid indigestion, or heartburn, need to eat foods that move quickly through the digestive tract. Your stomach will always be producing some acid, whether you’ve eaten something or not, but eliminating slow foods from your diet is your first line of defense.

The safest foods to eat for acid indigestion are fruits and vegetables. Apples are an excellent choice for fruit. As long as one stays away from citrus fruit, there’s plenty to eat. When it comes to vegetables, there are a few to be avoided as well. Onion and garlic are known to cause problems with acid heartburn, but most vegetables are fine. The way that vegetables are prepared is important, so one doesn’t want creamed vegetables or veggies fried in oil. Steaming your vegetables is probably the best way to prepare them, as this leaves a lot of the essential nutrients in. Boiling them is also good for acid indigestion, but a lot of the goodness and taste gets drained away with the water.

Can Mixing The Wrong Foods Give You Acid Indigestion?

From my own experience, this has definitely been the case. Sometimes all it takes is a cup of coffee after a meal for my stomach to decide that it just doesn’t like the combination. If one takes into account that different foods move through the stomach at different speeds, then it makes a lot of sense not to eat a fast moving food after a slow moving food. If you’ve just eaten a meal full of heavy proteins, and then on top of that you decide to eat a fruit salad for desert, your stomach is not going to be able to pass the fruit salad through quickly because you’ve got other stuff in the way that still needs to be digested. What you’ve got then is a fast moving food delayed in your stomach busy fermenting, creating gas, and generally going off while it should be eliminated. Fruits are carbohydrates, which move through your system fastest, then there’s proteins, and lastly fats. The general idea is not to mix these three basic food types in one meal, and if you’re suffering from chronic acid indigestion you might want to give the heavy proteins, fats and oils a miss for a while.

How And When You Eat Can Also Have An Impact On Digestion Problems.

Eating smaller meals more often will definitely make a difference to how much indigestion you have. Chewing your food well also eliminates the load on your stomach, and drinking water regularly helps move things along a bit as well as washing the excess acid down. If you’ve been taking medication for a long time to deal with excess stomach acid, you may find when you stop that your stomach now produces way more acid than it did before. Apart from being careful not to eat the wrong combination of foods, just eating the wrong food on its own can give one serious acid indigestion. For a better idea of what’s good to eat and what’s not, there’s more at my Acid reflux food page.

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