Impressive Health Benefits Of Acai Berries

So, what exactly is Acai berry? Acai berries have been in existence for many thousands of years, but were not introduced to the west until the 1990’s. When tested, the Acai berry proved that it has many amazing health benefits for the common person. Historically, this berry was found and first utilized by certain tribes in the Amazon as a cure for many ailments. Basically, if the modern world wants to find cures to common ailments and problems, they should take cues from the tribes in the Amazon who use many different fruits for the healing attributes they exhibit. The Acai berry is one of thousands of fruits found in the Amazon to have miraculous effects on the human body. It is truly, to date, one of the most worthwhile fruits to add to a diet.

Acai Berry Benefits 

The Shuar tribe is where the berry was first discovered. They used Acai for it’s medicinal healing properties. The Shuar people worked with many medicinal plants and they are people who understand all the secrets held by the rain-forest. They learn by process of elimination which fruits help and which do not; they worked together to discover the healing properties of Acai. The wonderful Acai berry has been discovered to display many natural antioxidant powers in addition to being a fruit that can lower and control cholesterol levels. When it is ingested it has the ability to help reduce bad cholesterol in the blood and increase good cholesterol. Through their testing process, the tribes in the Amazon discovered these properties, as well as many others. They also found that the Acai berry increased the functionality of the immune system, would fight bad infections, could protect the health of the heart, and even control enlargement of the prostate. It was also found to give energy to anyone that ate it, which was important for the hunter gatherer tribes.

What is Acai

What is Acai berry and where does it come from? Acai berries are palm fruits that the tribes would distill to make wine that was very rich in vitamins and minerals. People who drink the wine noticed a decrease in weight and an overall improvement in the function of the body. Acai berries come from a palm tree that characteristically has a very long and thin trunk and can grow to 30m tall. The highest branches are adorned with leaves that resemble ribbons. The actual Acai berry will hang from the tallest branches and can be found in clusters. The berries can be gathered by climbing up the tall tree and retrieving the entire branches. Each tree has the ability to produce around 25kg of fruit every year. The wine produced from the berries has become a very important export of the area. Now that we know what the Acai berry is and where it came from, what is the berry’s recent history since being discovered by the west? After the western world realized the amazing effects of this small berry, it was quickly gathered and produced to make juice and suplements and marketed as a natural energy builder. In Brazil, the berry was frozen and then blended into a smoothie for people lounging on the beach and surfers. When other added benefits were observed the rumors of this magical little berry did not take long to spread.

After that, researchers started doing tests on the berry to find out what else it had to offer, and if the rumors were true. Did this berry really give people energy? Extensive research soon proved that the Acai berry had health benefits that were completely unexpected. The western world has terrible habits, from sleeping too little to eating too much fast food, which the Acai berry could help cure. The berry also has the potential to aide one of the greatest ailments of the western world; the prevalence of heart disease and high cholesterol. The Acai berry has also been reported to prevent cancer due the the extensive antioxidant power of the fruit. It is more worthwhile than any other suppliments out there to date. Overall, the Acai berry has the ability to change the quality of life and restore our bodies to their younger versions. It can also reverse the effects of many years of abuse and neglect. From aging to heart health, the Acai berry really does promise to improve the overall health and well-being of the western world. So, what is Acai berry? It really is a miracle fruit

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