Can Using Sportswear Enhance Muscle Building & Weight Loss Process? Know More

Sportswear & athleisure are becoming more popular over the last couple of years. From influencers to celebrities to supermodels – everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. Besides being comfortable, sportswear also helps us feel that we’re leading a healthy lifestyle. 

And due to the rise in the use of sportswear, more people are being curious whether it has any effect on the body of the wearer. To help you learn about the same, we’re going to discuss whether sports uniforms enhance weight loss and the muscle-building process in humans.

Knowing The Human Mindset

There’s no denying that the clothes we tend to wear influence our way of thinking as well as behaviour. Such behaviour is known as ‘enclothed cognition.’ The process of enclothed cognition defines the various mental changes that our human body goes through when we proceed to wear a specific type of clothing. 

That means when you dress like an athlete using sports uniforms, you’ll be much more interested in remaining fit. Thus, the clothes that you should be wearing should properly represent your inner motivation.

Knowing The Best Materials For Sportswear

When you’ll be working out or playing, you need to opt for sports uniforms or activewear because they will aid you during the working out or playing process. The following are some of the popular materials that you can opt for your sports uniforms:

  • Nylon

Back in the day, nylon was originally used for manufacturing women’s stockings. That’s why the fabric is so soft and has a silk-like feeling. It’s also resistant to mould & mildew and can dry pretty quickly. 

Moreover, it also remains breathable over time and proceeds to pull the sweat from your skin, so that your skin remains dry and the sweat evaporates. This means that buying sportswear having nylon materials will help you feel more comfortable and will let you work for extended periods, without feeling much sweat on your skin. 

  • Spandex

Out of all sportswear materials, spandex is known to be the stretchiest of all. Spandex has the power to stretch almost 600 times more than its original size. This means that sports uniforms having a spandex blend will allow you to experience limitless motion range – while still contracting to their original shape. 

Furthermore, as material spandex is very breathable, can wick moisture and dry easily. That’s why spandex is a staple in most tight-fitting sportswear or sports uniforms.

  • Polyester

You can find polyester in most sports uniforms and even in casual wear. It’s wrinkle-free, durable, breathable and lightweight too. Moreover, it also repels the sun’s UV rays successfully, making them great for outdoor activities. 

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