5 Significant Signs Saying You Are Overtraining Yourself!

In a quest to attain extreme fitness, we always think that more is always good!  Yes, to some extent it is fine. But if you exceed the optimum, then this more can do lots of harm than good. Like, if you are overtraining yourself for a sports event or to reduce your weight, regardless of your gender, you are prone to overtraining syndrome (OTS). Basically, overtraining syndrome means training beyond the limit or the capacity of your body and not doing the workout as per proper procedures.

Halt or slow down when you find these signs of overtraining!

Overtraining often leads to lots of physical problems like sprain, muscle pain, and even fractures. Like everything else, there is a certain limit and procedure ideal for the workout and training. And if you exceed this limit or don’t follow the proper procedure, then the results go in vain. So, ensure that you aren’t training or working out without a personal trainer in Newcastle, Sam Stocks Coaching can provide you with the best personal trainer who will ensure that you are exercising and training within your limits and properly too. Now, how can you understand if you are overtraining?

  1. Decreased performance— The most visible signs of overtraining is the obvious decrease in performance. With all that extra training, you’ll always feel dull, less motivated, easily tired, and lethargic to carry out the workout further
  2. Your body giving up during workout — Another sign of overtraining is that you’ll feel that even the normal workout and exercise you used to do before is now taxing more. It’s because of more workouts and less energy – to compensate, your body has to put in more effort even for a simple task.
  3. Muscle pain and body sprain — It is natural to feel your muscles numbed and in pain. You will actually witness sprain in your ankle and wrist almost every day because your body isn’t getting adapted to the extra workout that you are forcefully doing.
  4. Anxiety and irritability — That extra workout tires you off and causes some hormonal imbalances as well. This makes you very much stressed, you feel very irritated and moody, and even anxiety sets in. When such mood swings are rampant, then understand that you are overworking yourself.
  5. Metabolic imbalances — With so much overtraining, you’ll experience low energy levels and even nutritional deficiencies in your body. This imbalance is enough to shake the foundation of perfect fitness in your body and alter your health goals. So, never ignore those obvious signs of dehydration or nutritional imbalance when working out constantly.

If you recognize these or any of these signs, then it’s better to consult an expert immediately. The experienced trainer will easily understand your problem and will guide you about how to reduce and regulate your workout activities slowly yet steadily. 

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