Start 2021 with This New Year’s Fitness Challenge

Many 5-minute plank challenges come with the New Year, but this year is different. The plank challenge for this year is described below. It offers more fun and more benefits than you might think possible from the well-known plank exercise.

Our Plank Addiction

The plank was wildly popularized and then became too popular. This is an example: The current world record for static plank time stands at over 10 hours.

The plank is an extremely beneficial exercise. The plank helps develop core strength and full-body stability. It also helps us coordinate stability across multiple joints simultaneously. Overuse can make planks lose their main advantage.

There is no movement.

Still stuck in Plank Mode.

The absence of movement is not life’s essence. A rare ability to not move doesn’t serve us well when required to move.

As fundamental as the ability to hold a plank for 20-30 seconds is communication, so is the ability to create and maintain one. It is almost like practising the alphabet endlessly and never using the letters to create words or sentences if we hold the static plank for longer.

Making “Plank” an Action Verb

The main reason to do a plank is to move more efficiently. This challenge will help you move in a plank and inspire you to keep improving your performance throughout January.

Your cellphone is also required for the challenge. This means that you should be able and willing to go anywhere, anytime, as we all have our phones.

  • With your feet slightly wider than normal, assume an elbow plank position.
  • Your cellphone or another similar object should be held in one hand. Pass it around and place it on the back of your lower back.
  • To retrieve your phone from your low back, return your elbow to the ground. Next, lift the other arm off the floor.
  • Now return your elbow to the ground and move in the opposite direction.
  • You can count one rep for every time your phone returns to the ground in your hand.

This challenge will last for 30 days. You’ll do the exercise for five reps each for the first five days. In the next five days, you’ll add five more reps to make it a total of 10. Five more reps are added every five days.

  • Days 1-5: 5 reps
  • Days 6-10: 10 reps
  • Days 11-15: 15 reps
  • Day 16-20: 20 reps
  • Days 21-25: 25 reps
  • Day 26-30: 30 reps

You can always start over if you’re late. This challenge can help you maintain core stability and your arm movement. It takes either 29, 28, or 27 days to complete. Persistent performance is more important than perfect performance when it comes to fitness.

Performance Tips

  • Because lifting one arm off the floor can create significant instability and asymmetrical challenges for your upper body, this plank requires that the feet be placed wider than normal elbow planks. While you can adjust the distance between your feet, it is best to keep in mind that the more closely your feet are to one another, the more challenging the exercise will be.
  • Slow down. Move slowly to make it feel like the other arm is “floating” on the ground.
  • Placing something on your lower back will discourage lifting and rotating the hips. These are the two most common flaws in the plank technique. This will encourage awareness and provide feedback about your performance. If your phone falls to the side, it could signify that you are experiencing excessive hip rotation. You are experiencing excessive hip elevation if your phone slides towards your head from the back.


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