Top Health and Fitness Experts Share Their Nutrition Strategies and Recipes

Ever wonder what top health and fitness professionals eat for fuel? Top health and fitness professionals share their favourite healthy recipes, nutrition tips, and dietary habits.


Our experts all agreed that breakfast is the day’s most important meal. Bruce Mylrea is vice president of Savvier Fitness’ sales. He recommends that you start your day as healthy as possible. My Vitamix(r) morning breakfast shake takes only 3 minutes. It contains nutrients and phytochemicals that have anti-cancer and heart disease properties.

Keli Roberts is an ACE spokesperson and fitness specialist based in Pasadena. She starts her day with plain Greek Yogurt with a teaspoon of honey, hulled hempseed and berries. She says that she loves all the healthy fats because they keep her healthy and nourished.

When she travels, Roberts is often at the mercy of the hotel’s or snack bar menus. Roberts, therefore, prefers oatmeal and toppings to her meals. “I mix in ground flax, hulled hempseed, vegan protein powder, and ‘Allyouneedislove’ [from] green powder. It’s affordable, so I can eat it whenever I want. I also like that it is healthy and filling, which ensures I get enough fibre throughout the day.

Dominique Adair is the director of Adair Fitness and Nutrition, based in New York and Los Angeles. She makes her breakfast staple. My granola is portable and can last me for hours without refrigeration. I seem to put everything in there and then store it in the fridge until I have to use small quantities.

Adair loves slow-cooked oatmeal with chopped almonds, coconut milk, and apples. “I like to add a hard-boiled egg on the side so I can easily choose whether I want the yolk or the white.” This gives me tremendous energy and nutrition and keeps me full until my mid-morning snack.


Nearly all surveyed trainers agreed that it is important to plan for snacks. Mindy malaria is an international fitness presenter who won the CanFitPro Specialty Presentation of the Year Award in 2013. She also created Tabata(r] Bootcamp. She also offers healthy snacks for travellers. My Raw Energy Brownie Bites are a great source of energy, which I can make and snack on while on the road.

My favourite snack is also a great meal. It’s first-pressed virgin green Mykonian oil popped blue corn. I top it with wild oregano and organic Tumeric. Then, I add organic (and alcoholic!) fermented apple cider.


Having a nutritious meal after a hard day of training is essential. Noel Chelliah is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach and has led several outdoor boot camps in Kuala Lumpur. He says that he almost always chooses fish for his protein. “I do pan-fried salmon fillets with sauteed spinach and garlic, which takes minimal preparation time. I can also store enough to make a week of meals and have each one ready in less than ten minutes. CEO Steve Feinberg is based in New York City. He also suggests cooking healthy meals. He will often cook his meals after a day of teaching at least four classes and training up to five clients. It can be a little bit easier to feel normal if we have a glimpse into the lives of respected industry figures.

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